Buyers remorse? IoT initiatives need human factor to ensure success!

A recent study by Cisco revealed that nearly 70% of IoT projects fail at point of concept. With the IoT market being driven by vendors, not buyers, the voice of the customer is largely absent, so we shouldn’t be surprised to learn that Cisco’s study attributes the “human factor” – culture, organization, leadership, collaboration – as the differentiator between success and failure. Let’s face it, there are no reviews for IoT Platforms, nor town hall meetings where concerns and needs can be aired publicly. So where would a potential buyer go to successfully take their IoT initiative through to a successful deployment? This is why the IoT Forum of Silicon Valley exists, to create opportunities for your voice to be heard, your needs to be addressed. Be one of the few percent who neither stall nor fall short.

Other events invite you to listen to pitches by vendors promising everything from cost savings for your enterprise to ensuring that when you walk down the street, dogs and small children will lavish you with love and attention. The IoT Forum invites you to air your curiosities, questions and worries. Share the language of your needs rather than wallow in the jargon of vendors. Together, we can build a market where the Internet of Things serves customers rather than beats them into submission with endless powerpoints and webinars.

We invite you to join one of our Buyers Panels and turn the tables on the IoT Vendors. Be recognized for your thought leadership on how IoT can help your industry. Customers with strong points of view are always welcome. If you already have a deployment or proof of concept in progress, share your lessons learned, where vendors need to improve, and pay it forward to those looking to deploy the benefits of IoT and minimize the disruption.

Demonstrate your thought leadership as an early adopter of IoT
Influence the direction IoT takes in your market
Meet other companies exploring the benefits of IoT and share lessons learned
Close the feedback loop with IoT vendors so that your next deployment goes smoothly

Thanks to Enterprise IoT Insights for their article, and join us at a meeting soon to see how you can avoid buyer’s remorse!

John Feland

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