Breaking Down the True IP Communications Story

By Rosa Lear, Director of Marketing, Edgewater Networks

Did you know that IP communications and UC service providers are leaving billions of dollars on the table annually? It’s true and we have the research to prove it. Today the IP communication adoption rate in the SMB sector is quite low, averaging just 25% across companies with fewer than 100 employees, and most service providers aren’t doing much to change the story.

Instead, service providers are seeking larger deals by focusing on the large enterprise space which has more money to spend and a bigger technical staff more able to understand how to implement IP Communications. This is a mistake and it has resulted in a $26 billion market valuations that is fair game for any service provider who can change the SMB adoption rate story.

Changing the IP and UC Adoption Narrative

Edgewater Networks and Metaswitch Networks went to great lengths to dispel the mysteries that have made IP communications and UC adoption in SMBs so difficult to grasp. As their research showed, the tried-and-true strategies that service providers use to pull in bigger clients may not necessarily work for SMBs.

The survey revealed that when it comes to IP and UC, SMBs are most concerned with economics and trust in a particular provider. Rather than focusing on the technical aspects of the solution, service providers must change the way they present the benefits of such a solution and revamp the sales process if they want to reach SMBs. Edgewater Networks suggests these two strategies for approaching SMBs:

  • Speaking the Right Language: Many SMBs don’t have the technical staff you’re used to dealing with at larger companies. Skip the technical language and make the messages clear and concise.
  • Demonstrate Real World Benefits: Providing brief success stories can put SMBs at ease as they hear about the benefits other companies in their situation have realized.

Understanding the current state of the IP communications and UC in the SMB space is key to unlocking access to a $26 billion market. Edgewater Networks has put together the following infographic to use with the actionable insights you need to capitalize on this opportunity. Use this information to start changing the IP communications story for the SMBs – a group that includes 80% of companies in the United States.



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