• Each block of data is encrypted using its own self-generated convergent key. These keys are themselves encrypted by a self-generated master key that only each user knows,
  • The client device minimizes bandwidth utilization by determining whether the encrypted data blocks to transfer are already present in the cloud,
  • The client device informs the cloud drive which data is likely to be required in the future so it can be made available with less latency if the client device requests the data.



Bitcasa Security and Efficiency Illustration

Deduplication allows Bitcasa to benefit from the operational efficiencies resulting from the exclusion of redundant data. Cost-savings are passed on to partners, while users benefit from zero-knowledge encryption and a better user experience. Watch our video for more information about Bitcasa’s industry-leading security model.

Filed in May of 2012, and issued on February 2, 2016, US Patent 9253166 includes 162 claims, all of which are detailed on the US Patent & Trademark Office, Patent Full Text and Image Database.


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