Monthly Archive: September 2020

iPhone12 set to boost US 5G adoption

With almost 50% of smartphone users in the US carrying an iPhone in their pocket, the launch of a 5G enable iPhone would significantly increase 5G penetration. To read the full RCR Wireless News article, click here.

Goggle Box blocks out Google

Imagine a whole village with a Groundhog Day scenario of no broadband, every morning, for 18 months. It’s a teenage horror story with a happy ending, as engineers finally catch the culprit. To read the full BBC article, click here.

MEETING RECAP: Logistics 4.0

The Telecom Council’s IoT Forum gathered in our virtual room this week for a meeting about Logistics 4.0. Although so many things seem to be different these days, the enthusiasm for IoT seems to be rising. We had an unprecedented 11 startups pitch during our Rapid Fire segment, which is...