Monthly Archive: February 2019

It’s all about the numbers!

There has been a lot of either/or debate about 5G and WiFi6, but truth is that these 2 new standards will work together to improve connectivity, expand possibilities for IoT and surround us with always-on technology. To read the full iot for all article, click here.

Battery free IoT

Converting wireless signals to DC is the latest technology to come out of MIT as they search for ways to power the IoT, battery free. To read the full Network World article, click here.


Author: Telecom Council staff  During a super wet week, the IoT Forum held our meeting on IoT in Retail. Our meeting was hosted by Nokia in Sunnyvale, and the presentations and discussions revolved around how to use connected devices, cloud services, and analytics to improve the retail experience. Although our...

Land of IoT opportunity

China and South Korea take the top two spots in the APEJ region for IoT spending, with industrial IoT, telematics, retail, smart grids, smart buildings, and smart homes leading the way in terms of use cases. To read the full Entrepreneur article, click here.