Monthly Archive: August 2018

MEMBER NEWS: KPMG Technology Industry CEO Outlook Report

KPMG’s Technology Industry CEO Outlook publication, which includes insights from 104 global tech industry CEOs, reveals that there are five forces shaping the technology industry’s CEO agenda: the drive for growth, visionary leadership, reimagining the workforce of the future, relentless customer centricity, and technology for the social good. To read...

10 Minutes to change your life

Author: Linda Hull, Director, Telecom Council Back in the day, when Filofax was a thing, there was the 10-minute task list.  “Break everything down into 10-minute assignments” was the direction to success.  If you couldn’t complete in 10 minutes, your project needed further refinement to ensure your achievement was measured...

That’s a lot of zeros!

Twelve to be precise, and a milestone that highlights the explosion in consumer electronics defining this technological era.  Entrepreneurs everywhere will be taking note … great things can come from humble beginnings. To read the full USA Today article, click here.