Monthly Archive: November 2017

Weighing in on the challenges of IIoT

Industrial IoT has been around for a long time … we just knew it as process automation!  OK, that may be a rash generalization, but the concepts behind IIoT are not new.  The hype does open the door to questions of how enterprises meet the challenges and eliminate the risks....

Industrial IoT Call For Speakers

    Date:  Thursday, Jan 18, 2018 Application Deadline: Friday, Dec 29  Draft Agenda: The IoT Forum meets in January on Industrial IoT together with 50+ members, telcos, vendors, and startups to discover interesting startups, products, and new technologies across Industrial IoT market segments. Also on the agenda will be a...

IoT delivering Healthcare excellence

Finding the right healthcare professional may soon have a new variable … how far they are in terms of adopting IoT solutions.  The potential for offsite to improve patient outcomes, and consequently patient confidence, healthcare providers will need to add IoT to their arsenal of benefits. To read the full Crunchbase article,...

No Security? No Problem!

Whether a case of not knowing or not caring, the tech savvy millennial seems less concerned about the security of their IoT device than one would expect.  Perhaps growing up in an era where tech has been largely secure has led to complacency? To read the full EWeek article, click here.

Connect your toys with caution

This time next week, on both sides of the pond, consumers will be moments away from Black Friday madness. Simpler offerings may have the edge over tech toys this year as parents evaluate security concerns. To read the full Tech Crunch article, click here.