Monthly Archive: October 2017

Rural Americans to benefit from AgTech connectivity demands

With agriculture being synonymous with rural, it’s no surprise that connectivity is challenging.  Closing the rural broadband gap is a topic under discussion at this year’s TC3 Summit, with the promise of access to rural Americans as an added bonus to smart farming. To read the full Magic Valley article,...

TC3 Sponsor Series: Navigating the Network Transformation Journey

Author: Pramod Venkatesh, Director, Cloud Platform and Operations, Criterion Networks The advent of next generation technologies such as 5G, IOT and AI are pushing the boundaries of infrastructure demanding increased programmability and agility. Compute and storage have effectively stood up to that challenge. And, network finds itself at a pivotal...

industrial iot startups

Tips for an IoT Startup

There have been plenty of articles discussing how legacy systems need to adapt to IoT tech, but what of the startup just setting out on their journey?  How do you create a proposition with the technology evolving so quickly around you? To read Bill McCabe’s article, click here.


AI Speaking Opportunity

Speaking Opportunity for Panelists Date: Tuesday, December 12, 2017 Venue: Nokia, Santa Clara, CA Application Deadline: Friday, Nov 3, 2017 Draft Agenda: ABOUT THE MEETING TOPIC AI is very, very hot these days; but how does Artificial Intelligence apply to communications networks? There are numerous narrowly-defined tasks where AI can deliver...

The perfect environment for growth

Ericsson, PS Solutions and CKD join forces to exploit the IoT in an agricultural setting.  AgTech promises to be one of the largest areas of growth and cultivating early partnerships could reap significant benefits. To read the full PR Newswire press release, click here.