2015 Predictions Meeting Debrief

Author: Derek Kerton, Managing Partner of the Kerton Group & Chairman of the Telecom Council

On January 16, we held our annual Predictions meeting – a light-hearted look with a crystal ball into what the next year would have in store for key telecom sectors. At the Predictions meeting, we invite five speakers to punt some provocative prognostications, and then discuss each batch among the speakers and the room.

150116-Predictions2We learned from Institue for the Future (IFTF) on the future of communications, and that there will be unlicensed spectrum on the moon! SKTA and Matrixx shared their ideas for alternative business models for telcos, which participate in over the top, and also some improvements in BSS which can make telcos more flexible. From N3, we discussed the viability of incubators and accelerators, an how more value can be extracted from such programs. InterDigital predicted some 5G details, one of which is that the battle for coverage will now shift indoors.

The other thing we do each year at Predictions is pass out a prediction survey, with a variety of questions about how the world will look in 12 months. Attendees are asked to predict about the stock market, movies, Superbowl, and of course, telecom issues. Congratulations to Christos Kolias, from Orange, who filled out his form in January 2014, and was surprisingly accurate about what would transpire over this past year.


CES 2015 Debrief

150116-PredictionsRight after CES, we had a meeting to discuss the most relevant news coming out of the huge trade show. The Telecom Council regularly debriefs big industry events that are important to our members. Our Debrief Series is intended to capture the zeitgeist, news, and important trends, as well as demos and photos from the show floor.

Our debriefs are usually written and presented by Derek Kerton, Council Chair and Managing Director of The Kerton Group. For this major event, Derek enlisted contributions from John Feland, founder of Argus Insights regarding the trends and social buzz from the show. We also received a contribution from Steve Augustino, a lawyer with Kelley Drye & Warren LLP, regarding the regulatory news out of the show. Steve noted that he saw all 5 FCC Commissioners at CES, at least 4 of the FTC Commissioners, and dozens of other policymakers from DC.

If you’re interested in our findings, the consolidated and finished report is available to all members, in our library. Be warned, this year was a big CES show, and the powerpoint is 85 slides long.

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  1. Beth Miller says:

    Please send me the Debrief Report, I appreciate it


  2. Daniel Orr says:

    Derek: Many thanks for your excellent coverage of CES in the Debrief. Now those of us who didn’t attend, but want to pretend otherwise, have enough material to fake it.

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