100 Industry Leaders Motivate Change in the Communications’ Innovation Ecosystem

Author: Telecom Council of Silicon Valley

It’s no secret that Silicon Valley is the hot bed of high tech and telecom innovation. It’s also no secret that getting a new idea to the market, even here in The Valley, is no easy feat.  Certainly, part of the go-to-market challenge is intentionally built-in, to mine the most disruptive innovation.  But some of the road blocks in the way of innovation, are doing more than weeding out the less-than-premium ideas.  Getting a start-up funded which uses the word “service provider” in the business model remains near impossible, and the right partnerships can be difficult to come by.  

TC3:Telecom Council Carrier Connections LogoThe 7th annual TC3: Telecom Council Carrier Connections Summit, held October 1st – 2nd in Mountain View, California, will collect over 500 industry executives to address this concern – how to get more ideas to the market, faster.   Participants will discuss innovation adoption with 20+ global telcos and top-tier vendors, review 50 new disruptive technologies, award 7 outstanding startups, leverage hundreds of prescheduled 1:1 meetings, and enjoy 2 days of 5-star accommodations.

This Summit is different.  We take the most influential executives in the communications industry (those who are actually making the innovation decisions), and we put them in a room to have uniquely intimate conversations about the innovation process, and how they plan to play a role in what’s next for telecom.  Sure, we’ll talk about all the hot topics (NFV/SDN, security, IoT, analytics, and more), we’ll highlight some case studies, we’ll hear about partner programs with 20+ global telcos, and we’ll even see some startup pitches.  But, we’ll do it Silicon Valley style – with open communication and high value relationships … all in the name of innovation.

So, who are these influential companies who are participating in this innovation discussion?  TC3 is supported and sponsored by Huawei, InterDigital, Avaya, Brocade, Interactions, Hubbl, Edgewater Networks, HP, ItsOn, Neo4j, Innovation Partners, and SnapOne.  Above their incredible engagement and support are our 100+ speakers (complete list here).

Highlighting their strategies, tools, success stories, and innovation targets for 2015, over 20 telcos will take the stage including Srini Koushik the CEO of NTT i3, Luigi Licciardi a Vice President at Telecom Italia, Lisa Gao the GM at China Mobile, Ursula Oesterle the Vice President of Innovation at Swisscom, Egemen Kurdoglu a Senior Director at Avea, Sue Igoe  the Head of Business at Telefonica, Anne-Louise Kardas the Emerging Opportunities Manager at Sprint, Fraser Curley EVP of Corporate Strategy at STC, Hitoshi Suzuki in charge of Network Transformation at Telus, Mel Gaceta a Senior Manager for US Cellular, and Mark Sherman the Managing Director of Telstra Ventures.

In support of their telco partners, several of the industry’s most influential vendors will present the tools and technologies they’re providing to the innovation community to spur communications advancements.  Vendor speakers will include Dr. Che Haiping the SVP and CTO of Carrier Software at Huawei, Bethany Mayer the SVP and GM of Network Functions Virtualization Business at HP, Brett Shockley the SVP and CTO at Avaya, Suzanne Nguyen a Director at Samsung, Lynda Smith the CMO at Twilio, and Judy Little the Senior VP of Sales at Ericsson.


This year’s speakers include:

Avaya – Brett Shockley, Senior VP & CTO
Avea – Egemen Kurdoglu, Sr. IT Director
Blue Field Strategies – Jon Metzler, President
Bouygues – Sebastien Wickert, Strategic Bus Dev
CableLabs – David Barron, Head of Corporate & Bus Dev
Canvas, Inc. – James Quigley, CEO & Co-Founder
China Mobile Technology (USA) – Lisa Gao, GM
Cloudberry Mobile – Tom Guldberg, CEO
Cloudmark – Neil Cook, CTO
Craig Wireless – Boyd Craig, Founder
Deutsche Telekom – Thomas Neubert, VP/GM Group Bus Dev & Partnering
Eden Rock Communications – Eamonn Gormley, CTO
Edgewater – John Macario, VP Markeing
Ericsson – Judy Little, Senior VP Sales
Flatout Technologies GmbH – Jakob Sterlich, VP Customer Relations
HP – Bethany Mayer, SVP & GM, Network Functions Virtualization Business
Huawei – Dr. Che Haiping, SVP & CTO of Carrier Software, Huawei Carrier BG
Hubbl – David Waldman, VP Carrier Solutions
Intel Capital – Christine Herron, Director
Interactions – Kelly Zunker, Sales Director
ItsOn, Inc. – Dr. Greg Raleigh, Founder, CEO & Chairman
JT – Mark Stuchfield , VP, Business Development
Kaltura – David Colodny, Sr. Director Business Development
Luxoft – Michael Minkevich, VP-Technology Services
Matrixx Systems- JenniferKyirakakis, Founder & VP Marketing
Mobily – Hashem Sharrab, VP of IT- Customer Experience Management for Mobily
Mobolize – William Chow, CTO and Co-Founder
Mojave Networks – Shuman Talukdar, Head of Bus Dev & Alliances
Neo Technology – Philip Rathle, VP of Products
NetNumber – Brad Boston, President & CEO
Nokia Growth Partners – John Gardner, Managing Partner
NTT i3 – Srini Koushik, CEO
Peel – Vineet Gupta, VP of Distribution
PlayPhone – Anders Evju, Chief Marketing Officer
Range Networks – Ed Kozel, CEO
Samsung – Suzanne Nguyen, Director-Operations & Developer Relations
Shared Spectrum Company – Thomas Stroup, CEO
SIGFOX – Luke D’Arcy, Director-Sigfox USA
SingTel – Adeline Tang, Director- Innovation & Partnerships, SingTel LifeLabs
SMART – Earl Martin Valencia -VP of Corporate Dev and Innovation
Softbank Capital – Yoshiaki Tanaka, Deputy Director- Product Service Strategy
Speaktoit Inc – Ilya Gelfenbeyn, CEO
Sprint – Anne Louise Kardas, Manager- Emerging Opportunities
STC – Fraser Curley, Executive VP Corporate Strategy
Swisscom – Ursula Oesterle, VP Innovation
Tarana Wireless – Steven Glapa, VP Marketing
Telecom Italia – Luigi Licciardi, Head-Technology Plan and Standards
Telefonica – Sue Igoe, Head of Business Development Global Partnerships
Telstra Ventures – Mark Sherman, Managing Director
Telus – Hitoshi Suzuki, Dir.-Network Energy & Environment &  Network Transformation – Telus
Thin Film Electronics ASA – Jennifer Ernst, Executive VP, Sales and Business Development
T-Ventures – Bernhard Gold, Managing Director
Twilio – Lynda Smith, CMO
U.S. Cellular – Mel Gaceta, Senior Manager of Business Development
Unifi – Adrian Shatku, CEO
Verizon – Ed Ruth, Director-New Bus Dev, Strategic Partnerships & Innovation
Verizon Wireless – Maurice Thompson, Dir.-VPP Innovation – Verizon Enterprise Solutions
Vigilent – DaveHudson, CEO
WIP – Caroline Lewko, CEO



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