Silicon Valley Boasts Superior Startups: Council Innovation Scouts Select 13 top-notch Companies to Showcase

Author: Telecom Council of Silicon Valley

2014 Innovation Showcasers Selected by 13 Telecom Council member innovation executives

Telcos and their tier 1 vendors alike come to Silicon Valley looking for innovation. With over 50% of telecom venture dollars being spent in the Valley, Silicon Valley is the global epicenter of mobile and telecom innovation.  With the two biggest OSes, the biggest Internet companies, and the full ecosystem of partners, professionals, and talent readily available, Silicon Valley is an innovation powderkeg.

But the valley is not focused on telecom. All high tech lives here, from big data to biotech, and from security to apps. For this reason, even in this hotbed of wireless and telecom innovation, it’s easy to lose sight of the telecom companies in the forest of other high-tech industries. For this reason, groups like the Telecom Council of Silicon Valley filter out the noise and hone in on the signal.

13 innovative young companies were selected by 13 innovation scouts from BT, NTT Docomo, Ericsson, HTC, JT Global, Orange, Qualcomm, Rogers, Sofinnova Ventures, Sprint, Telecom Italia, Telstra, and U.S. Cellular, to participate in the 2014 Innovation Showcase.  Based on standard Telecom Council criteria – innovation, momentum, viability,  these 13 companies have the potential to disrupt the industry.

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Announcing the 2014 Innovation Showcasers:

Bit6 – Mobile App Development – Bit6 provides a real-time, cloud-based platform for developers to quickly and easily add voice/video calling, texting, and multimedia messaging capabilities to their apps. In addition, Bit6 also provides a suite of essential application integration modules including Identity Management, Social Map, and Virtual Wallet to help integrate the communication capabilities into a complete end-user experience. This communications platform market is rapidly growing expected to reach $4.7B by 2018.

Business Texter – Mobile Messaging – Business Texter takes simple 1-way messaging creating innovative 2-way responsive Intelligence. Teaming it with our AI algorithms adding valuable revenue for operators. Keyword analytics drive your questions and answers, proving automated 2-way SMS as only next way audiences want to communicate. Businesstexter is here to expand, protect &grow the assets, accomplishing the challenge while adding a $45.00/ARPU/min.

Celerway – Router Software – Celerway software accelerates throughput of Internet connections, aggregates capacity of multiple networks, and enables handover between different networks. Celerway also holds patents and software that boost quality and reliability of http services, outperforming Samsung Download booster. Celerway software is installed as Apps on smartphones and laptops or software on regular consumer routers. First launch (June) is software that transforms regular low-cost WiFi routers into powerful multi-network, easy-to-use routers.

Cloudberry – Small Cells – Cloudberry Mobile plays a part in changing the telecom industry as we know it today, eliminating the key weaknesses of present technologies by delivering high quality services as a wholesale partner for operators who wants to boost their market position. Good mobile coverage is becoming scarce. This has become an obvious problem, especially in countries with high smartphone penetration. Today, parts of the market cannot go mobile because the mobile signal is too poor. Dropped calls and lack of signal has become a part of the mobile subscribers daily life. There is a need for a cost effective solution that which can solve these issues. A mobile operation based on small cell technology has several advantages. The most obvious one is the cost effectiveness of such an operation.

Globys – Analytics – Globys is a big data analytics company with more than 15 years of experience helping companies leverage and monetize their customer data assets. Each solution is built upon the Globys customer intelligence platform that ingests data from a variety of sources, manages it at scale and applies sophisticated analytics to achieve desired outcomes.With extensive expertise delivering cloud-based solutions, Globys has a proven managed service model that allows for speed to market while minimizing ongoing operational costs and risk. By leveraging industry leading technology, world-class service and advanced data sciences, Globys is helping some of the world’s largest companies increase customer revenues and retention and deliver a more personalized customer experience.

Mobolize – Network Optimization – Addressing the mobile data tsunami won’t be done exclusively in the network core. Instead, doing it at the endpoint device will become standard practice. The endpoint (smartphone, tablet) is the only place where network tonnage and cellular connection time can be reduced while also optimizing web, app and video performance. Combining caching, monitoring, throttling and blocking technologies on the phone, signaling and data are reduced, lessening congestion on the tower and across all segments of the network, while also delivering better user experience through faster page loads and reduced video stutter. Mobolize has taken the lead in commercializing endpoint web optimization. Mobolize has been selling its CacheFront software to Global 2000 companies for three years where our patented caching technology has been battletested around the world.

NetNumber – Signaling – All carriers strive to deliver the latest applications in a fast, reliable and cost-competitive service. Accelerating the delivery of new services requires a new approach to network design at the signaling layer. Increasing complexity in signaling-control, policy-enforcement, OSS/BSS and other network database functions is increasing costs and reducing reliability. The NetNumber TITAN signaling-control infrastructure enables implementation of a radically simplified core network. The result is faster service deployment, enhanced flexibility, and lower operating costs. In this session, learn how combining both scalable database services with a multi-protocol signaling-control engine, TITAN reduces signaling traffic loads by 50%+ versus traditional multi-platform solutions.

On-Ramp Wireless – M2M – RPMA (Random Phase Multiple Access) is the first wireless network designed from the ground up for low power, wide-area machine-to-machine communication (M2M). RPMA operates in the ISM band and is globally free spectrum – there are no spectrum fees or regulatory overhead. With unprecedented range and capacity come dramatically reduced network infrastructure costs. An RPMA Access Point can cover 400 sq miles when elevated on a communication tower, building or hilltop.

Push Science – Customer Experience Management – Push Science builds cloud-based software that enables a telco’s front line agents to deliver exceptional customer experiences. Our solution provides sales and support capabilities through intuitive interfaces that agents and customers love to use. It features patented technology that seamlessly connects agents and customers in brand new ways. The software runs on all popular mobile platforms, mobile web, and desktops, and is extendable to other touch points including call center, self-care, and kiosk.

Range Networks– Network Open Standards – Range Networks is defining the technology that will serve the world’s next billion cellular subscribers, a population that cannot be served profitably or sustainably with conventional approaches. Founded by the creators of OpenBTS, Range Networks is bringing a new vision to the cellular world with a flexible architecture based on commercial open source software. The market is shifting towards standardized networking hardware, software-defined radios and open-source software. This approach is enabling new service delivery models and to remain competitive, telecom operators will need to transform their operations to accommodate lower-cost networks with increased efficiency and more granular control.

RF Window Global – Digital Repeater – RF Window developed the World’s first digital noise cancellation technology for repeaters. The outstanding ICS technology of RF Window has enhanced the signal transmission. Unlike existing RF repeaters, the ICS Repeater operates well in providing a high output power service without oscillation. It can also provide an indoor service without using an extra antenna set by using an ultra small size repeater with the antenna embedded.

wefi – WiFi Offloading – The challenge mobile operators face is the lack of ability to understand customer behavior – how users are consuming data and what it is they are downloading. Current reports depict nationwide data offloading increased by 875% in 2013. WeFi gives operators the ability to see what’s happening in real-time, and over time, by analyzing data to glean a better understanding of what is required to maintain optimal upload and download speeds, where and when to increase capacity, and how to best invest in new infrastructure.

ZipZap – Digital Currency – ZipZap is everything needed to communicate in business, replacing that antiquated phone on your desk with an iPad. ZipZap combines the capabilities of a traditional business phone system, with the mobility and drag and drop technology of an iPad. It’s gesture driven, leverages social media, and totally mobile, making it fun to use. Answer calls, transfer calls and create conference calls with the swipe of a finger. See what your callers have been up to on Facebook or Twitter before you answer. All you need is our free app and an iPad.

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