10 Minutes to change your life

Author: Linda Hull, Director, Telecom Council

Back in the day, when Filofax was a thing, there was the 10-minute task list.  “Break everything down into 10-minute assignments” was the direction to success.  If you couldn’t complete in 10 minutes, your project needed further refinement to ensure your achievement was measured in bite-sized chunks.

Perhaps it’s that sentiment that makes our MatchMaker so effective.  “I’ve adapted to the 10 minutes,” commented Sue Bova, Manager Business Development, Strategic Partnerships and Investments at US Cellular.  “It’s good to walk away with so many contacts.  TC3 is a key part of our biz dev activity, as the MatchMaker delivers enough good prospects to provide pipeline activity for the following 12 months.”   Mark Brady, Managing Partner at Clark Belt 2.0 echoed those sentiments, “Would I like longer?  Well, yes.  But I don’t want fewer meetings!  Ten minutes gives both parties time to decide if we are interested in taking the conversation further.  So much better than an elevator pitch and card swap in a conference hall.”

Last year, 834 meetings took place at TC3, with delegates choosing anywhere between 5 and 20 meetings.  Our recent survey revealed that between 50-70% of those meetings resulted in follow up conversations, with the introductions made at TC3 guiding companies through the maze of viability appraisals and technical evaluations.  “Vayyar participated in last year’s TC3 event and as a result was able to conduct several customer engagements in the carrier domain.” said Ofer Familier, Vayyar’s Director of Business Development.  “Vayyar will participate in the coming 2018 TC3 event and extend its presence by adding a demo table”.

It would be wrong to suggest that the MatchMaker is right for every startup attending TC3.  Our tech scouts are great, and willing to provide feedback to any company they meet, but the real value of the MatchMaker is for more mature companies ready to partner with enterprises.  That doesn’t mean there is no place for earlier startups at TC3.  Showcasing your technology via a demo table allows you to introduce yourself to the same scouts you’ll be ready to meet next time around.

And are there ever REAL success stories?

“The TC3 Summit is one of the most valuable events for Telecom professionals in the Silicon Valley. It gives Swisscom the opportunity to meet directly with startups bringing technology and business innovation. We had follow ups with several companies we met at the last TC3 Summit and we integrated one of them in our offering”. Stefan Petzov, Head of Technology and Innovation at Swisscom on integrating Arrivy in their Mila solution.  He went on to add, “If you are a startup developing a cutting edge technology or a disruptive business model in the Telecom, Cloud, Security or Big Data, please meet me at the TC3 Summit 2018!”

And from Scott Brown, Executive Director of UpRamp, backed by CableLabs, a platform that connects radical entrepreneurs to the most powerful network in the world … “This past year, we met the founders of Blitzz, which is revolutionizing the way that MSOs handle the customer experience.  Their goal is to make truck-rolls a “one-and-done” experience for subscribers, and their use of Augmented Reality is driving that new experience.  A few months after we met at TC3, we invited Blitzz to an event with the Customer Experience leaders across the industry, and after getting rave reviews, we are excited to welcome them to our UpRamp Fiterator program.  None of this success for Blitzz would be possible without the connections made at the TC3 Summit”.

It takes less than 10 minutes to register for TC3. Make it the first in your future of 10-minute tasks – and may every one of them change your life!

About TC3 Summit

This 2-day annual executive summit focuses on the innovation activities and priorities of global telecom carriers and vendors and connects them with ideas, startups, investors, R&D groups, and innovation. This year’s highlights include 4 tracks (Networks, Comtech, IoT, and Autotech), 100 telco tech scouts, telco case studies, startups, 850 matchmaker meetings, 30 demo tables, a cocktail and Awards ceremony, and 7 hours of facilitated networking. For more information, and registration options, please visit www.telecomcouncil.com/TC3

About the Telecom Council

Through regular forum meetings and annual events, we connect global communication service providers and vendors with innovations that are pushing the industry forward – by putting telcos, vendors and investors from across the globe together in the same room with startups, demos, and entrepreneurs. Since 2001, our Forums have introduced over 2000 executives from 750 communication companies including 60 carriers across 30 meetings each year. Our Forums, members, calendar, speaker application and membership benefits are online at www.telecomcouncil.com.

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